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I had the great pleasure of co-coordinating and attending an event with the one-and-only comedian, Pam Schuller. Pam’s presentation surpassed all expectations. Pam’s emotional intelligence and clever wit interweave disability inclusion and mental health advocacy, sewn together with her golden thread: humor and comedy. I experienced a roller coaster of human emotion: Pam’s authentic storytelling had me laughing – never at her own expense or anyone else’s – and crying at moments of ignorance and injustice. I felt furious as I listened to examples of inhumanity, inaction, and intolerance; and cheered as she carefully balanced these with heartfelt examples of acceptance, inclusion, and celebration. Every twist and turn is purposeful and intentional, as Pam carefully crafts and delivers teachable moments, such that those in attendance leave the experience wiser and better for it. I highly recommend attending an event with Pam Schuller – better yet, if / when the opportunity arises – hire her. You’ll do yourself, your community, and the world a favor by doing so.


Debbie Fink, M.A.

Director, RespectAbility’s National Disability Speakers Bureau

Hearing you was far and away the highlight of their semester. My students leave the classroom better people for having heard your story and learned from you.


Cathy K Brown, Esq.

College Professor

Thank you so much for inspiring me to want to spread kindness around the world! You made me love my differences a little bit more!


High School Sophomore