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Meet Pam

Comedian Pamela Rae Schuller is relentlessly funny. Her observations on disability, mental illness, dating, family, and past misadventures have led to brutally honest confessions about what it’s like being 4 foot 6 (and a half) and having a whole lot of Tourette Syndrome.

Growing up with Tourette's

As a teen, Pamela had the worst-diagnosed case of Tourettes in the country, a touch of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and a whole lot of pent-up anger. She spent years depressed, suicidal, and wishing her differences away. Over time, she started looking at her life differently and turned her obstacles and challenges into the very fuel that propels her.

Now an internationally known disability and mental health advocate and professional stand-up comedian, Pamela’s stories of growing up in a body she had no control over are engaging, powerful, a little bit heart-wrenching, and unapologetically funny.

Comedy and beyond

Pamela has performed in six countries, almost every state in the US, and for more than 100,000 kids, teens, and adults. She holds a BA in Psychology and Youth Outreach Through the Arts, an MA in Child Advocacy and Policy, where she focused her studies on creating comedy and improvisational theater programs as a tool for youth with disabilities to improve self-advocacy skills and a certificate in Executive Coaching focused on leadership in the digital age from MIT. She has grown that skillset into a repertoire that teaches kids and teens to be proud of who they are, communities to be deeply inclusive, and corporate teams to be innovative and learn to make smart, bold moves.  From squeaky clean to working blue, she gets audiences of every age comfortable and laughing through storytelling and humor.

Pamela was recently honored alongside Ed Asner for her work with comedy and inclusion and spoke alongside Matthew Broderick and Michael Douglas. Pamela opened for Pete Holmes, Lynne Koplitz, Joan Rivers, and in a weird turn of events, Fetty Wap (because God has a sense of humor). You can see her on BuzzFeed and the Dr Mike Channel, hear her on SiriusXM, check out her writing on Mayim Bialik's Grok Nation, or catch her live on her upcoming tour of the US and Canada with her one woman show, “What Makes me Tic.”

Pamela doesn’t just “tolerate” what makes her different; she embraces it, loves it, and finds the funny in it... while challenging her audiences to do the same.